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HL-3500 Currency Counter

The HL-3500 currency counter reaches the counting speed of over 1000 pcs/min, and can endure continuous work up to an hour without any performance issues.
The counter also supports identification of counterfeit banknotes. We provide the product with 2 variations: with or without authentication of bills.

Counting Speed: over 1000 pcs/min
Duration: suspend for a while after continuous work of an hour (standby time excluded)
Counterfeit Detection: UV detection/ MG detection
Currency Supported: USD, EUR, GBP, TWD, NOK, NPR, GHS, AUD, AED, ZAR
Hopper Size: 50mm*100mm - 90mm*170mm
Hopper Capacity: 300 pcs
Stacker Capacity: 200 pcs
Front Display: LCD
Side Display: 5 digits LED
N.W.: 6.0 KG
G.W.: 15.2 KG (2pcs)
Dimensions: 300mm*260mm*195mm
Power Supply: AC 230V 50HZ/AC 120V 60HZ
Power Consumption: ≤ 75 W
MOQ: 100

Comparison: standard versus detection-enabled
Functionality Standard With UV-detection With MG-detection
UV detection ×
MG detection × ×
Multinational currencies detection
Batch, Addition ,self-checking
Half-note detection
Double-note detection
Automatic reset

Working condition
Ambient temperature: 32℉-104℉ (0℃-40℃)
Ambient Humidity: 25%-80%
Feeding System: roller friction system

1. The HL-3500 currency counter supports automatic startup, shutdown and reset of the counter.
2. The counting machine counts bills automatically with no need to manually reset the counter, thus achieving great usability.
3. The device is capable of counting up to 9999 notes.
4. On occasion of a half-note/double-note, or when an exception occurs during execution, the counter will suspend. Additionally, the error message will be displayed in the case of an error.
5. The counting machine can be configured with a specified "maximum count of bills". When the count is reached, the device will suspend until the bills are cleared from the stacker.
6. A front display and a side display is assembled onto the currency counter, so that user can operate from different directions with ease.
7. Static free material is used to manufacture important components of the currency counter, resulting in a static free working condition.
8. Each individual part of the device endures a burn-in screening to secure high reliability.

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